Mildred I Lavizzo Elementary School

Elementary School (K/PK-8)

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138 W 109th St

Measure: Outreach to Parents – weak

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Performance on Outreach to Parents

Outreach to Parents
The school creates a welcoming and communicative environment for all parents.

Mildred I Lavizzo Elementary School Comparative Performance on Outreach to Parents

Very Weak
Very Strong


What are these results based on?

Outreach to Parents is comprised of the survey questions shown below. Mildred I Lavizzo Elementary School's performance on individual survey questions is available below to identify particular strengths and weaknesses on Outreach to Parents.

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Teachers report that: [Expand All]
Responses on Teachers work closely with parents to meet students' needs.
Responses on This school regularly communicates with parents about how they can help their children learn.
Responses on Teachers work at communicating to parents about support needed to advance the school mission.
Responses on Teachers encourage feedback from parents and the community.
Responses on The principal pushes teachers to communicate regularly with parents.
Responses on Teachers really try to understand parents' problems and concerns.
Responses on Parents are greeted warmly when they call or visit the school.

No reports related to Outreach to Parents are available.

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